Sunday, 19 June 2011

More Thank you's !!!

Right so know you know we are back and that Cheeky Charlie is almost ready to gain his freedom , it's time you knew just how grateful we are!

The wheelchair is just tip of the iceberg for all
of the standing frames, body brace, special car, bath seats and splints etc he currently needs and will need in the future. So any continued contributions and extra money raised will certainly not be wasted- just to keep his muscles from deteriorating massively now he needs specialist treatments and equipment- this is to maintain the minimal usage he has of his body. So do not be disheartened that the wheelchair is not a fix all solution for him. Because the freedom it is going to bring is far superior to anything else money could buy! The frustration in his little face is all too apparent everyday and Aimee's back is suffering just as much from all the carrying and lifting, but they all carry on with a smile and a laugh. The struggle for the whole family will be ongoing , and hopefully so will the technology , so just so all of you out there know you have given not just Charlie but all of the family a new lease of life and the best possible start on their journey.
And don't worry we will make sure that we cover every milestone and every hiccup better than an Attenborough documentary! It may appear like pure vanity but we want you all to know just how important what you have done and achieved for Charlie is. And also so that one day when Charlie is old enough he will know exactly who to thank and what they did for him. ( I hope so because by then i don't think i will be able t type !)

There are so many people who we don't even know who we want to thank so much for everything! And to all of the below people we have listed - who whilst we have been absent have been collecting sponsor money etc it really is exceptional the effort and time you have all put in- and trust me it will never be forgotten.
So here we go the thank you's!

Thank you  and well done to Jade O'Connor who did a sponsored silence, ( her mum assured us this was no easy feat for Jade!) and lasted 7 hours, raising a tremendous £83!

We thank all of the Solicitors at 20 Essex Street ! They know what for- but i highly recommend them if you do get pulled up on an international drug smuggling charge!

A massive thank you to all those who organised and attended the event at Beba's nightclub in Bromley, in particular Wayne Mulcock , Mark Davey and Richard Bolton. A cracking night was had by all and a whopping £651 was raised! Beba's is a fantastic nightclub and very classy- so thanks Bebas for lowering the tone and letting us in!

Huge thanks to Abby Locke who held an event in Yates' in Yorkshire, whoever says students are tight couldn't be more wrong because the lovely Abby and her student chums raised a fabulous £630!!!

A big thank you goes out to all the patrons, staff  and musicians ,of the Fox and Hound pub, high street , Stony Stratford , who raised a brilliant £300!!! Special thanks for this great amount of money, in no particular order go to; Ken Fleg, and partner Katheryn for arranging the event, the band comprising of Trevor Jevans ( Keyboard), Dylan (Double bass) and Cathy ( singer, dancer and Charlie's promoter for the evening), and of course Colin (Drummer) who all donated their fees for the evening to Cheeky Charlie!!! Much appreciated!
Also big thanks to Reg ( a frequent customer of this establishment- rumour has it he has his own tankard behind the bar!) who very kindly made all the leaflets for the event and helped spread Charlie's message throughout the evening!

Rebecca Mchale - big thank you to you! She raised a cracking £457 after holding a cake sale at her work, FSA in Canary Wharf! Those city people are more generous then we realise so thank you Rebbecca and all those who bought!

Huge thanks go out to Emma Ahmet who not only is a fabulous waitress at the Harvester in Petts Wood but also raised £400 by holding an Easter egg sale! We really appreciate it Emma, ( and it just goes to show that we must eat out way too much for the staff to show so much support! )

We would finally like to thank Traci Sleet who raised a fabulous £256 by doing a sponsored 40 mile walk! Traci we hope the blisters have healed now and we really appreciate your support!

Everyone mentioned now, previously and those not mentioned we really do hope you know just what it means that you have put so much effort into helping Charlie! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and hope you continue to check out the blog and see just how much you have helped Charlie and his whole family! See you all soon for some more updates and pictures of the little guy in his new wheels!!!

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