Sunday, 20 February 2011

The thank you's - for now!

OK- so at the risk of sounding like a lengthy Oscar speech ; there are in truth so many people that we cannot thank enough for giving so generously of their time, money, and in many cases their support and understanding.

Sunday's quick word from Cheeky Charlie

It is that time of the day again troops - time to reflect on another week in the life of frankly one of the most fun children I have ever had the privilege of knowing!
This week the fabulous people from Snapdragon Mobility came to visit little Charlie Bolton

Money raised so far- new Total

Hi again troops! I can see you have all been super busy this week and it has really payed off because now our total funds raised is up to an incredible

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Money raised so far

Just so you all know that all your efforts are not wasted I have some amazing news for you all! The target as you know is £18,000 and because of the immense support, financially and otherwise we have received we have already managed to raise in excess of £6,800 !!!! This total excludes any sponsorship or raffle money that has yet to be taken into account!

We cannot describe how much this level of generosity is appreciated by Charlie's entire family, and despite the relentless blogging about planned events that we have lined up, at the heart of it is genuine gratitude for all those who have been involved in raising this unbelievable amount in such a short space of time, and indeed in the continuing fundraising efforts! All of your hard work is more than worth it so keep on doing what you are doing troops  and in no time we will have Charlie whizzing about on his new set of wheels!!

Raffle- to be drawn at Family fun day 20th March 2011- updated prize list

OK Troops we have another great way for you to help Charlie! This raffle includes some excellent prizes so you can share in the fun even more. But you only have until the 20th March 2011 to get as many chances as possible to win some of these great prizes. The raffle will be drawn at the family fun day- and tickets will be available on the day.
Raffle tickets are £2 a ticket or £5 a strip

1st prize  is a signed, framed Wayne Rooney England shirt, 
(kindly donated by

Next Event: 20th March 2011 - Sponsored Family fun day

Right so once you have attended the fake hen night if you were doing it right you should be slightly worse for wear! So to blow off those cobwebs and the headache no amount of paracetamol will fix- join us for our family fun day. This event is for you whole family and you can walk, run, skip, jog, bike ride, (or for the trendy kids out there) scooter your way round Kelsey Park, West Wickham.
We aim to start at 12pm but do not worry if you are late because  there is lots

First Event : 5th March 2011 Fake Hen Night!

First out of our bag of fundraising tricks is a night all girls look forward to- a hen night! This one is slightly different because there will be no wedding afterwards. However the usual code applies- what happens on the hen night (fake or otherwise) stays on the hen night! So get

Cheeky Charlie's quick word for today!

Hi guys, just a thank you to everyone out there who has donated money , arranged events or just sent kind words to us so far. It really makes the difference when the rest of the world shows the capacity for kindness that we often forget is there. 
Charlie is an inspiration to us in so many ways, and especially  because

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Charlie's Wheelchair Fund

Charlie is a very bright and sociable 16 month old child, who has a condition called Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2 (SMA II). This means that he will never be able to walk or crawl, and although currently he has the full use of his arms eventually this muscle wasting disease will take even this from him. He has difficulty swallowing and going to the toilet because of his weak muscles.
Charlie is very much loved by his whole family and all those who know him but it is so frustrating for all of us to watch him struggle to do the same things other children his age can do. The best way to nurture his intelligence and to keep what muscle strength he has at the moment is to get him in a powered wheelchair, this will give him some degree of independence that other children his age enjoy.
However despite the recommendations of the specialists and physiotherapists the NHS are unable to consider him for a wheelchair until he is Five years old! If we were to wait until he is Five, it could seriously delay his development and for such an intelligent child this would be a waste. All parents want to give their children the best in life, and for Charlie's parents this does not mean fancy toys or holidays this simply means giving their son the gift of mobility, something which we all take for granted.

 So in order for us to do this we need to raise the £18,000 it costs to get him the wheelchair he not only needs but also deserves. He will need several other things in his life to aid his development and to contain the condition as much as possible but for now the most important thing for Charlie is the wheelchair alongside the continued love and support of his friends and family.

If you are in a position to help this extraordinarily bright and sociable little boy to get himself mobile and start enjoying the world the way he wants to then please dig deep and give whatever you can. Any contribution is much appreciated, and the support we have already received is absolutely amazing, but the journey has only just begun for little Charlie Bolton!

We will keep you up to date with all the fundraisers we are having and details for you to participate too.

Please use the links below to see more information about Charlie, or to donate. If anyone would like a leaflet about Charlie please send me your address and we will get one posted out to you a.s.a.p or we can e-mail them to you.

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