Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sunday's quick word from Cheeky Charlie

It is that time of the day again troops - time to reflect on another week in the life of frankly one of the most fun children I have ever had the privilege of knowing!
This week the fabulous people from Snapdragon Mobility came to visit little Charlie Bolton
. They brought along the wheelchair we are hoping to get for him, so that they can give an estimated cost and also to see how Charlie got on with using the controls. Charlie had an absolute ball trying this amazing machine out- granted he nearly took out the fish tank a few times but lets remember he is only 16months old, and to be fair probably a better driver than me! I may have mentioned once or twice that he is incredibly bright for his age and the way he managed to go up and down straight away and really get to grips with it so quickly should give you an indication of just how sharp this gorgeous little boy is! 
The best thing about the visit was just the fact that he could for the first time in his life chase after his cousin William (3yrs old soon) and to experience what it is to be free. Also that they were able to establish that this would not just be a wheelchair but it is most importantly the right one for Charlie, and the one that will ensure he gets the most from life because of it! The saddest part of this day was however the fact that after just a short time the chair had to go, to give another child the gift of mobility if just for a short time.
So despite the long journey we are on- the goal is firmly in our sights and all of the support and help you have given thus far is nothing short of amazing. I hope you can all come back to the blog during the week when we should have a video clip of Charlie trying out what will act as his new legs!

Charlies yummy Mummy and Daddy have asked that I mention just how grateful they are to the people from Snapdragon Mobility for visiting them and letting Charlie try it out. If you would like more information on the wheelchair the please follow the link to the right of the page.

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  1. how wonderful . Wont be long we will all do our bit and before long he will be knocking us all over x