Sunday, 20 February 2011

Money raised so far- new Total

Hi again troops! I can see you have all been super busy this week and it has really payed off because now our total funds raised is up to an incredible £10,090!!!!!!!!
There isn't a big enough font to fully emphasise how big an achievement this is or how incredibly grateful Charlie's family are, so you will have to settle for my ramblings for now!!!!
From every £10 that has been donated , every raffle ticket that has been bought right up to the astonishing anonymous donations of large sums of money,  this has resulted in a sum of money that we never thought possible to raise in such a short space of time!

Keeping the momentum going with fundraising can be tough but all of you out there must have been taking tips from Linford Christie( if you haven't seen the advert in question then I'm not mental it is a real thing!) and his PMA- Positive Mental Attitude! Because there is no slowing down and the funds have been coming in thick and fast- so lets keep having a great time fundraising whilst we try and get Charlie mobile! I was waiting to buy him a drum kit when he was big enough just so  but just think of the mischief he can get up to in a powered wheelchair- I know that Charlie is already imagining the possibilities!
So once again troops keep it up and thank you so much, and any events you have planned just e-mail I can get them straight on the blog!

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  1. Just wanted to say another big thankyou to everyone that has donated to charlie's fund. I cannot thank you all enough, u really are such kind and generous people and you will make such a massive difference to the quality of Charlie's life. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx