Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Cheeky Charlie's quick word for today!

Hi guys, just a thank you to everyone out there who has donated money , arranged events or just sent kind words to us so far. It really makes the difference when the rest of the world shows the capacity for kindness that we often forget is there. 
Charlie is an inspiration to us in so many ways, and especially  because
of his refusal to give up - he lights up the room with his smile and his laughter is constant. This has given everyone who knows Charlie the opportunity to really see the world as he does, full of joy and opportunities, despite his difficulties. So what better way to raise this Cheeky little man the money he needs but by having a great time. I have listed below some of the events that are happening on behalf of Charlie, and all the contact details are there, so if you want to get involved or sponsor some of the events then please do. Even if you have an idea for your own event get in touch with us, the dafter the better!

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