Sunday, 19 June 2011

More Thank you's !!!

Right so know you know we are back and that Cheeky Charlie is almost ready to gain his freedom , it's time you knew just how grateful we are!

The wheelchair is just tip of the iceberg for all

Guess who's back!

That's right people we are back on the blog , so Bonjour and happy fathers day to all! In particular to Ed (his friends know him as B.O Bolton- so lets hope his gift had some kind of soap in it)  who is the gorgeous Carlie's Dad! So Kudos to Ed for having such a brilliant and brave little boy!
Firstly we just want to say

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The title says most of what I am trying to achieve here- Thank you all so much for everything big or small you have said or done to help us get this far so quickly. There are specific people that need to be thanked on behalf of Charlie and his family but before we get to that it is really important that everyone who has donated, attended any of the events, shown their support

Sponsored family fun day total!!!!!

Troops- if you didn't attend the family fun day let me tell you - you missed out. It was everything we hoped for and so much more! A fantastic day was had by all - and I have it on good authority the weather holding up was down to the lovely Emma Dibley- that woman has so many talents! The day had a few components and the money collected in the

Pamper night success!!!!!!!!!!

Bonjour ma petit pois'! Once again I bring you glad tidings of even more money raised for the gorgeous Cheeky Charlie!
Who says fundraising has to be hard work because you fabulous ladies, (and fellas - yes we did see you pretending to be watching the kids whilst eyeing up the nail varnish) relaxed and pampered your way to a phenomenal

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Cheeky Charlie's quick word for today!

This week I have mostly been thinking about how lucky we are to have the support and kindness that we have received. It really does amaze us each day just how many complete strangers genuinely care about Charlie and how he is doing, and although we can never thank everyone who has helped enough I think the best way to show our gratitude is to let you all know just how much this is already improving Charlie's quality of life.
So we finally have for you the video

Even Newer event 26th March 2011

Right troops, after all of that relaxation from the pampering night you will want to show off those nails and relaxed muscles. So for another fun filled way to raise money on the 26th March there will be