Tuesday, 22 March 2011

THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The title says most of what I am trying to achieve here- Thank you all so much for everything big or small you have said or done to help us get this far so quickly. There are specific people that need to be thanked on behalf of Charlie and his family but before we get to that it is really important that everyone who has donated, attended any of the events, shown their support
in the form of e-mails etc, given up their time, viewed the blog and been kind enough to wish us the best on our journey to get Charlie's wheelchair ,there are not enough words (even for rambling old me) to fully express that your kindness however fleeting you may have felt it to be will stay with Charlie and his family for a lifetime. Charlie will need a great many more things to maintain his development but the first hurdle (which always seems the hardest) has Ben overcome.Every time Charlie enjoys himself and does things independently it will be all of you who have helped him to get there that we think of. So no matter what you have achieved or have yet to achieve in your own lives please think of your contribution to Charlie (whatever it was) as a massive achievement!!! Because it truly is- I know many people who tell me that they refuse to vote because one person can't make a difference - well all of you individuals out there who contributed time and money etc have collectively made a massive impact on a little boys life forever!!!! So think about that whilst eating some cake- interesting!

Without the support of the public and the donaters of prizes etc we could not have gotten this far so quickly. However there is one special lady who's organisational skills are second to none- and without whom the events would not have been so much fun or so successful. You know we love you the lovely Emma Dibley! And of course her commitment to the cause would not have been possible without the love and support of her somewhat grumpy but equally fantastic fella Ben , and the beautiful Jess and baby Bobby. A family of better friends it would be hard to find. So for the enthusiasm , planning , baking, awareness and sheer sense of fun you channeled into a series of really successful events we (charlie's entire family) can never thank you enough!
Despite my suspicions that Emma is in fact wonder woman on the sly- she could not have achieved such success without a crack team of helpers. So that is right Danielle Smith- thank you for all your help with the posters for the pamper night, the certificates you made for the children were brilliant and we really appreciate your support. Which leads me to say a massive thank you to the gorgeous ladies who went on the fake hen night, and to their fellas for nursing the hangovers and seeing to the kids!
A huge thank you to the family members who travelled all the way from Milton Keynes to attend the family fun day- they must have heard about the cakes! The time and effort it took them to spend an afternoon raising money for Charlie was immense and it is appreciated more than you know. They managed to not only raise some  really impressive amounts of sponsorship money but they also sold the eggs of their chickens , VICTORIA , CHOCOLATE, GOLDIE , CONKER , BUFFY , BLUEY to raise even more money.Thank you all once again.

One of the tools that have helped us achieve our goal has been the fabulous booklets about Charlie and his story. The booklets give people all of the information about his condition and why it is imperative to get him mobile- and this is something that could not have been done without Ben Manning. A friend of Aimee and Ed for many years he really stepped up when he offered to print the brochures for free- and not just 50 or 100 maybe and  by using the cheapest quality paper, he did it all professionally. Ben made the stunning brochures in the thousand and was always offering to do as many more as was needed. For the catalyst that got Charlie's story out there- Ben we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
There is another lady we would like to say thank you too- she is crazy, Irish and has so much love and support to give - Helen Francis we mean you! She has managed to get not just donations for Charlie but also even more well wishers - thank you Helen.
We may have already thanked the lovely Emma Dibley but the level of support she has given to Charlie has been so amazing we feel this special lady and her family deserve another thank you. Everything you have done has not only exceeded our hopes but has gone way beyond the realms of a good friend. You are an inspiring woman and we value you and appreciate everything you have done more than we can express. For the time you spent helping Charlie that could have been spent with your own kids we really want you to know how much that means to us. The selflessness of your efforts and your relentless fundraising have touched us and we will always have a special place for you in our hearts because of this. We must warn you however that when Charlie gets his wheelchair you will have to chase him for a kiss!!! We hope you know what you  and your family have done for us will never be forgotten.


  1. honestly no need to thank me so much it is all my pleasure!! :) Also big thank you to Stacey, Jessica< Stephanie,Kim and Linda for giving up there time and products for the pamper evening! Also Kelly Mills for getting in contact with the council and Kelsey park to help me arrange sponsor day after my voice decided it had had enough! Also to Charlotte Evans for glitter tattooing the children and to Laura Harvey for helping with the posters and certificates they was fab! And my lovely cousin Samantha Pockett for emailing everyone for me asking for prizes love you all and all my girlies on the hen night you were amazing!!!! thank you all for letting me rope you in ;) lots of love Emma xxx

  2. I have to agree, the brochures provided by Ben Manning were great! Very professional. Also, Ben is really good looking, generous, funny, intelligent and an all round great guy. Ben's always joking around and making us laugh. He really is handsome and with a personality to die for!