Sunday, 6 March 2011

Cheeky Charlie's quick word for today!

This week I have mostly been thinking about how lucky we are to have the support and kindness that we have received. It really does amaze us each day just how many complete strangers genuinely care about Charlie and how he is doing, and although we can never thank everyone who has helped enough I think the best way to show our gratitude is to let you all know just how much this is already improving Charlie's quality of life.
So we finally have for you the video
of Charlie's first ever time in the wheelchair we are trying to get for him. I feel I must warn you before you watch the video- it will make you want to cry but also to laugh as well- and I have been told that is what you win Oscars for. So keep your fingers crossed for us in the independent movie category!
Charlie had such a great time in the Snapdragon wheelchair- and as you can see from the video when I say he is exceptionally bright it is not merely biased affection- it is the truth. I think from the glint in his eye you can tell he meant to nearly run his dad over! Sorry Ed but next time Charlie wants Iggle Piggle on don't change the channel! a lesson to us all surely.
This Cheeky little guy got so much freedom and enjoyment out of just an hour in the powered wheelchair, and to see him struggle on without it the rest of the time really does break your heart.
His fun loving demeanour really does make you wonder about all the spoiled and selfish children out there with not only fully functional limbs but also more toys than you can imagine. I think we are all guilty of thinking how unfair life is at times, but it is seeing Charlie so happy and loving everyday that makes me remember life is in fact what you make of it. So until Charlie is old enough to make of life what he wants and achieve the dream to be an astronaut or whatever it is he wants to be , it is our job to make life for him the best it can be. The same as anyone with kids (no matter how old the kids are it still matters!) does for theirs. Charlie will always need more than just the wheelchair but with the amazing generosity we have seen so far I have no doubt it is all achievable!

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