Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Sponsored family fun day total!!!!!

Troops- if you didn't attend the family fun day let me tell you - you missed out. It was everything we hoped for and so much more! A fantastic day was had by all - and I have it on good authority the weather holding up was down to the lovely Emma Dibley- that woman has so many talents! The day had a few components and the money collected in the
buckets (as donations for the cakes etc) totalled a whopping £490!!!! This I am using as further proof for my cake theory , as although some seriously generous (and those with self control) people gave donations without wanting cake, the cakes went down a storm. The lovely Emma (and her gorgeous girl Jess), myself , Charlie's auntie Lynsey and the yummy mummy and daddy of Charlie whipped up a sensational array of cakes. In fairness the comparison of cakes was unfair as Ed (Charlie's dad) is a pastry chef and the man is seriously good at what he does! So my cakes felt a little mediocre in comparison but the beauty of children is if it has sugar in it they will eat it regardless of appearance! Also for you budding cake makers I have a top tip- don't fork out on expensive food mixers, not if you have a fabulous other half who you can dub chief mixer for the day- thank you Danny! And before you points of view political correctness nuts write to me- it isn't sexist because I am chief butterer at all other times! So to you Ed I say it was a draw- next time the cake showdown needs adult judges!!Which reminds me to apologise to the parents of the children who I imagine were on a serious sugar come down Sunday evening- just remember it was for a great cause!!
The best part of the day was watching the children come through the finishing line after doing the walk around the park- and for you sceptics who don't think they did it we gave them certificates to prove it- also see the pictures below to spot the child you sponsored. They all did amazingly well and had such a fun time- Charlie really enjoyed himself too and it was so lovely to see him and all the other children in it together and helping each other- if the kids are the future then going by that bunch of beautiful ones I am sure they will give the world back it's beauty. I haven't got a total figure of sponsorship money raised for all those who took part in the walk- as we are still collecting the money from all the sponsors. But lets put it this way once we have all f the sponsorship money in we should have reached the target for the wheelchair!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For all the small amounts given, the time donated and all of those showing support it has paid off!- And as I said before don't you worry reaching this incredible milestone so quickly warrants an entire page of extensive thank yous!!!!!!!
But to get back to the matter in hand- the other element of the day that helped us to get this far with the target was the raffle. The total amount raised by the raffle was a monstrous £715!!!!!!!!! This immense amount of money was raised primarily due to the calibre of raffle prizes. So to everyone who donated one thank you. And for those of you hoping you won - I have a list of the first 6 winners if the prizes so good luck- you may have won!!!!
1st Prize- Wayne Rooney Shirt   - winner Claire Fell
2nd prize- Steven Gerrard photo - winner Tina
3rd prize- cut and blow dry at headmasters - winner Doris Attard
4th prize- christening shawl -colleague of Claire Fell
5th prize - Porcelain doll- winner Anna Jackson
6th prize - Porcelain doll - winner Sarah Hall

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