Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Pamper night success!!!!!!!!!!

Bonjour ma petit pois'! Once again I bring you glad tidings of even more money raised for the gorgeous Cheeky Charlie!
Who says fundraising has to be hard work because you fabulous ladies, (and fellas - yes we did see you pretending to be watching the kids whilst eyeing up the nail varnish) relaxed and pampered your way to a phenomenal
£415!!! Now to some celeb type people they would only get half a leg fake tanned for this amount of money, and don't get me wrong I love oompa loompas but I feel we got the best deal- or the real deal (for all you daytime TV fans of David Dickinson!) from the evening. There were candles, and gorgeous cakes as well as the expertise of masseurs and nail technicians, not to mention some kids running about and generally adding to the serene ambiance in their own special way. Seriously though to raise that kind of money whilst having treatments by professionals at rock bottom prices was not only a fun way to raise money but also a great excuse to eat cake. If  I have learnt anything from the fundraising quest for Charlie it is indeed that no event is complete without cake! I am now in fact working on a theory to prove that there is a direct correlation between cake and success. We had both at the pamper evening- need I say more. Although much of the success of the evening was really down to the fact Charlie was there being as adorable as ever, but this triumph had a large amount to do with the lovely girls who gave up their time to do the nails (they provided their own varnish etc too) and the masseurs and waxers. You were all superstars and giving up your time and showing your support are priceless to us. So thank you.

And for all of you thinking how short and sweet the thank yous seem for now - do not worry I have a thank you list of epic proportions to dazzle you in a bit.

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