Sunday, 6 March 2011

fake hen night- a clucking sucess

Hi there troops, apologies for the gap between blogs - technical errors and by that I mean over a weeks worth of finding the pinkest, daftest items of clothing possible in order to make an impact on the first of our fundraising events. Which of course was the fake hen night, and what a finger lickin success it was. We managed to fill our collection tins several times and thanks to the generosity of the fabulous and the inebriated members of the public out and about last night in Bromley and Beckenham we have £800!!! That's right the pub goers and bar crawlers , as well as some people at the bus stop and generally in and around the street (indeed we left no stone or kebab unturned) were not only incredibly generous with their cash but also their sympathy and best wishes. It nearly had me in tears several times just how kind complete strangers were to us all , and also incredibly grateful they didn't laugh openly at the state of us- just in case some of you can't quite picture the sight of a group of women who looked liked they had not only raided their children's dressing up box but had in fact stolen Madonna's wardrobe from the eighties, there are some pictures for you! You couldn't move for leg warmers and cowboy hats- but an exceptionally good time was had by all- and the girls all worked their little wings off to collect money and raise awareness of little Charlie Bolton's situation. The lovely Emma Dibley headed up the group and did an amazing job of navigating us all around the pubs and keeping the positive atmosphere going, (though this could partly be down to the free beverages we were given by some of the pubs!). Which leads me to thank the charming staff at all of the bars and pubs we went into- we found out last night that it is not just the general public who are able to dig deep at a time when the money pool is very shallow but that large chain pubs and corporations do care about the little guys (contrary to popular belief the people in those big offices in charge do have a heart!) and for the friendly attitude and also free drinks we thank you all!!!  One group of people who need a massive thank you are all of those who run, work at and were at Bar Flux last night. Because these people gave us a truly amazing reception- from the doormen, to the manager who gave us £100 donation, and the lovely people having a great night. By the end of our night we could not see one person without a Charlie sticker!!!! And I think it is worth mentioning that whatever you gave last night that was at the end of the day beer money- (in some cases I suspect it was money reserved for a kebab)and for people to part with the hard earned cash they have saved up to enjoy themselves with -please just know it really is appreciated and does make a difference!
I hope that this event will inspire everyone to realise that (I hate to admit it but Tesco's were right!)every little does really help! So for all those people who gave us the little bits of change at the bottom of their pocket - just look at what we raised because of you and all the generous souls who gave.  One last bunch of people worth mentioning are all the husbands and other half's who stayed at home with the kids so all the girls could go fundraising- it was essential as I'm not sure they could have pulled off the level of pink we wore quite so well!

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  1. Well done again girls u were all amazing! Love u all! xxxx