Sunday, 20 February 2011

The thank you's - for now!

OK- so at the risk of sounding like a lengthy Oscar speech ; there are in truth so many people that we cannot thank enough for giving so generously of their time, money, and in many cases their support and understanding.
Because it means a great deal to Charlie's entire family. And when Charlie is old enough to read himself- do not worry we will make sure he knows of all the people who have helped him on his way to Independence!

As I said before every single donation- whether it be a pound or thousands of pounds has been enormously helpful- and especially to those of you who wish to remain anonymous, your kindness will never be forgotten. You really are special people!

Today was the christening for the second child of the lovely Emma Dibley and her partner Ben Toovey. You will recognise the name from some earlier blogs- that is because these two people have been instrumental in getting Charlie's message out there and in getting the ball rolling. Today was a special day for them and Charlie's family are just so pleased they could be part of this special day and show Emma, Ben and their beautiful children Jess, and baby Bobby some of the support they have given to Aimee, Ed and Charlie. So for the lovely Emma and her family a big thank you for a real friend!

Also on the list of thank you's is of course the wonderful people at Snapdragon mobility, who came to visit Charlie to make sure they can provide the right wheelchair for him. They couldn't have been friendlier, and more helpful- plus their experiences with their own children(who also have SMA) really encouraged Charlie's family, and opened up the vast possibilities that Charlie can still have.

That leads me on nicely to another Dragon that needs thanking! The Dragon, aka Deb (Aimee's mum) is a living legend! I suspect that Charlie' cheekiness really comes from her- she is hilarious with a heart of gold, and at 4 foot 11" we know where Charlie gets his tiny little legs from! And before you ask- she really doesn't mind the nickname Dragon- that is how everyone knows her, even though she is anything but a Dragon! Her and Mark, (Aimee's dad) have been the core of the support network for Aimee and Ed, and their contributions to Charlie, Aimee and Ed in all aspects of life are too numerous even for me to waffle on about. So on behalf of Aimee, Ed and Charlie - Dragon and Mark you mean the world to Charlie and we couldn't have got this far without your support and love. xxxxxxxxxxxx

Do not panic troops there are far more people to thank- and next week I will be able continue the thank you's. So for now- thank you all!!!!!


  1. aww bless you! Thats what friends are for!!!! No need for thank you may just need some bandages when Charlie is wizzing around in a few weeks!!!! xxx

  2. Emma and Ben are legends !!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx