Sunday, 19 June 2011

Guess who's back!

That's right people we are back on the blog , so Bonjour and happy fathers day to all! In particular to Ed (his friends know him as B.O Bolton- so lets hope his gift had some kind of soap in it)  who is the gorgeous Carlie's Dad! So Kudos to Ed for having such a brilliant and brave little boy!
Firstly we just want to say
massive apologies for the gap in between blogs- far too many reasons for even me to harp on about, ( but lesson to us all if you are in Mexico and a man asks you to carry a bag through customs- always check for illegal substances before saying yes- not our best holiday ! (Joke - it was Columbia! )
But rest assured even though we have been lying dormant for a while there have been plenty of you fabulous people being busy and helping us exceed the target! That's right it is not a typo, we have now managed to exceed our target and Charlie's wheelchair is being made as we speak! In our absence you will also like to know that beautiful little Charlie Bolton has learnt a whole new array of words- including some I think best not to publish! But don't worry they are not so unsavoury he has crossed the line of cheeky to naughty! (Though I do suspect with that cheeky smile he could get away with most things!) He has been in excellent spirits, charming all of the occupational therapists and physio staff, which are amongst many of the appointments he attends regularly. This little man is so busy in fact I think he may need his own PA soon. But he takes all of the appointments and meeting new people in his stride and remains the fun loving cheeky chappie we all know and love.

So to all of you who have been waiting intently to see if all your hard work has paid off then I am glad to say you will not be disappointed! We have an arrival date of the wheelchair for the 30th June 2011! It is very near and very exciting- I can't wait to post some pictures of him terrorising the pigeons in the park, so Ed and Aimee best lock away all the valuables because soon this little man will be loose! The one he gets on the 30th June is a temporary one because the base for his chair isn't quite finished, but at least with the temporary one he can practice his parking etc! 
So you see we may have been gone for a while but we have not forgotten all the help and support you guys out there have given , and hopefully knowing that he will soon be able to do things on his own and really start to live will brighten up this dismal rainy day!

  The thank yous have not finished,  but they will require their own special blog- see when we say we cannot thank you enough it is completely true but we will have a jolly good go at it!

It's a good news day and good to be back people!

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